Disclaimer: I wrote this originally before the reopening of states. However, some states are still on lockdown or under very strict rules. Regardless, it all still applies during this time.

The world being hit by a virus out of nowhere has had us all shook. How have we gone from doing our normal daily activities to being isolated to only leave our homes when it is essentially necessary?


COVID-19 is a respiratory virus that has made the world take a long pause. We don’t know where it came from. There are a million theories on how it started from bat soup to beastiality (EWW). We do know a few symptoms, but we also know that you can catch it and be asymptomatic! We’ve been ordered to isolate and social distance whenever we leave home for anything. It’s all really scary. Every day, we’re bombarded with conflicting data about this virus. It’s like everywhere you turn, you see and hear “CORONVIRUS!” (For those of you that are pop culture savvy, I know you read this in Cardi B’s voice!). It’s exhausting and depressing. And to add insult to injury, we have an orange with a lemon peel hair piece of a president that is so freaking incompetent on many levels.

There are people who have contracted the virus and recovered pretty well. Unfortunately, there are several people who have not recovered. They have to die alone. Their loved ones cannot even give a proper funeral because the limit is 10 people. Every single day, the entire medical field risks their lives more than they ever have before. They work countless hours around the clock in the best protective gear that they have. They can’t rush home to their loved ones out of fear of exposing them to the virus. It. Is. Devastating.


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My personal annoyance is the way that SOME corporations are treating their employees. It’s not a positive outlook if a total of more than 33 million Americans have applied for unemployment. People are so concerned on how to pay their bills and just how to survive at all. My job furloughed me and I honestly have no words. We’re considered an “essential business” because it’s health care. I’m heartbroken because my job kept telling us that they would move us to a 4 day work week before we would even think about a complete furlough. Well, that was a big lie. I had just started working from home and I got a call that I’m being furloughed for six weeks*. On top of that, it could be extended at any given time*. The lack of consistent and TRUTHFUL communication is abysmal. I know for a fact that other companies are operating in this manner as well. It’s very disappointing, but not a total surprise.


How do we cope with all of this? How can we not carry the gravity of something so depressing and not feel hopeless? I’ll be honest with you. I’m terrified. Life as we knew it to be has been wiped out. It’s hard for me to remain positive because I’m so angry. Angry because I’ve been furloughed. Angry that I can’t see my friends or family. Angry that I couldn’t travel for my birthday and I have to spend my birthday at home. Angry that my daughter can’t go to the park and play like she wants to. Angry that so many people are feeling just like me.


Here is how I have been coping:

  1. Acknowledge your feelings. If you’re mad, feel it. Sad? Cry it out. Optimistic. Feel that too. We’re human. Our emotions are fickle. So feel them. The only thing I don’t suggest is acting on those feelings. For example: I want to personally run hands (slang for beating someone up) with the head of the company I work for. I really do. But if I do that, I won’t have a job to back to nor would I have a reliable reference for a new job.
  2. Learn to be content. If there’s anything that I’ve learned is how to be content. Yes, I am temporarily laid off. But at least I have a job to go back to. I have enough money to cover my bills for this time period. I don’t have too much to worry about!
  3. Accept this pause in life. Accept that this is a time to reset. I have been lacking heavily in my faith and other important things going on in my life. My excuse is that I was always busy and I didn’t have enough time. Now, I have nothing BUT time. I can actually workout! I can continue my reading challenge. I can do crafts with Avery. I can focus on giving my time to the Lord. I can focus on creating more content for this blog.
  4. Go and explore (SAFELY). Every day, I make an effort to take a walk with Avery. I take a new way in my neighborhood that I didn’t even know about! Some people are even discovering new trails at their favorite parks! Exploration isn’t limited to just going outside. Explore your home. Explore your mind. Explore a new hobby. Explore within yourself. Explore that new thing that you’ve been dying to try.
  5. REST. I’m learning to rest my mind and to hone all the things previously mentioned. Resting is so important. It helps us function better so that we can conquer whatever is meant for us in the future. Even God rested, chile! Get what is owed to you. Love your bed or your favorite spot on the couch. Dwell in that rest, baby.

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Don’t let this virus bring you down completely. It sucks for sure. But don’t let it beat you up. It’s okay to have moments of sadness and despair. Trust me, I’m right there with you.

Please stay safe and follow all the safety precautions in your area!



*My furlough was actually extended for another six weeks after I had originally wrote this.

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