In this four-part series, I’ll be taking you on a journey about the four ways to become your genuine self. 


Part Two: Self-Criticism 

I think this term is self-explanatory. There are two forms of criticism: negative and positive (also known as constructive criticism). 


Negative Criticism

We all know words are powerful. The power of the tongue can bring life or death. That’s how serious words are. How do you speak about yourself? Think of the words you use to describe yourself when things aren’t going particularly well. I know I’m very guilty of saying a number of negative things about myself. Have y’all heard the saying “pay attention to what you say about yourself, even when joking because your spirit can’t tell the difference?” It certainly applies. For example, when you call yourself lazy. I know I’ve said it both jokingly and seriously. Lazy has such a negative weight on it and breathing life into it makes the negativity believable. Such a word can cause internal and mental damage. Why not call it exactly what it is?

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Positive or Constructive Criticism 

Continuing with the example of calling yourself lazy, we need to call ourselves EXACTLY what we are. You can be unmotivated. You can simply not have the energy to do tasks. You can also be mentally dealing with something else that is causing you to not direct your energy towards whatever needs to be done. 


Words are definitive. How we use them affects how we operate. When we use words in a way that is more positive or constructive, we tend to set the tone on our general outlook on life. I constantly have to remind myself that the way I am feeling won’t always last. Although it feels like it, this moment in our lives is only temporary. Now I am not saying it is easy! You will have times where it feels like it will never end. But think about the times that you were down and out before. Look at where you are now. When you are feeling negative about what is happening, remind yourself that you will make it. You will conquer it. Use positive words or constructively criticize is what will guide you during those tough roadblocks. 

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In part three, we’ll learn how to give ourselves grace and be kinder to ourselves. 



Until next time! 

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