When I started my blog, I was so excited. It was something new and a way to express myself freely. But I did NOT know how hard it would be to balance motherhood (which is already hard af), school, work, AND blogging. How do I juggle it all? How do I allow my passion and my motherly duties to coexist? My passion for sharing my perspective fuels me to keep going and creating. Creating this space is a step into finding my way back to myself! So if it’s something that I love, I’m going to make it work.

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Now don’t get me wrong, it IS hard work. First, if you’re a mom, then you know that within itself requires a lot of your time. Add in studying for school and attending night classes. Then, working or, in my case, searching for a new job. Finally, the workload for blogging: creating content, taking pictures, editing posts, and scheduling. As hectic as it is, how can someone stay afloat without going insane?

Here are three tips that help me in balancing it all.

  • Plan, plan, plan. Please, and I cannot stress this enough, plan out everything. This may seem excessive to some. But if you’re juggling multiple things at once, you need to be VERY organized. Humans operate on routines. Seriously. It’s a fact! I have two planners: one for my everyday life and one for my blog. Then, I put everything in my phone calendars (I use Apple and Google). I also type out a to-do list every day of all the things I need to get done. Now, I don’t always stay on track. But for the most part, I do!

  • Do NOT overwork or stress yourself out! No one on this earth can do everything in a day. Rome wasn’t built in a day. Beyoncé was not made in a day. Do you get what I’m saying? When you overbook yourself on the things you need to do, your body will let you know. Take plenty of breaks when you need to. Break things up into small tasks. For example, laundry. I wash and dry my laundry in two days. Then, I set aside some time to fold. If I don’t complete all of it, I pick up where I left the next day. Every day, I have little tasks to help keep my space tidy and clean. Same with blogging. The notion that you HAVE to post every day or multiple times throughout the week is garbage juice. Sometimes, you just don’t have anything to say! I know I don’t. Take that time to reset your mind and focus on other things. Once your mind is clear, you’ll have the mental space to create!Stressed What More Do You Want From Me GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY
  • Comparison is a thief of joy. As difficult as this is, stop comparing yourself to others. No one has what you have. I find myself sometimes being discouraged when I see that my content isn’t being received as well as I hoped it to be. Especially if I see that someone else has something similar to mine. Or if I see a parent whose child is just doing all these great things and I feel like I’m not doing enough for my daughter. I have to remind and give myself some grace that I’m doing the best I can with what I have! What you see is not always the truth, okay? Focus on you and whatever you have going on. The moment you start to compare, you spiral into negative thinking. You do not deserve that! Keep doing you and find ways to stay inspired.I Love You Prince GIF by Chippy the dog - Find & Share on GIPHY

There is nothing wrong with having your hands in many pots. Don’t allow your life and your passion(s) to hinder you from enjoying both!




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