Are you tight on money or short on time? Then this is the perfect budget-friendly way to make a Valentine’s Day gift for your toddler(s)!

What You’ll Need

  • gift bags (you can find solid Valentine’s Day colors at Dollar Tree; they come in a set of 3)
  • Candy (Target, Walmart, Kroger, and pretty much any grocery store almost always has BOGO on themed candy. OR you can just buy regular candy without the Valentine’s Day theme. Also, if you have food stamps, candy counts as food!)
  • Markers/crayons (use the kids’!)
  • Construction paper (use the kids’ or you can purchase some at Dollar Tree)
  • Stickers (Dollar Tree)
  • Optional: Stuffed animals/toys (again…. Dollar Tree!)
  • Optional: decorative shred (Dollar Tree)
  • Scissors


How to Make

First, decorate the bags. Write your child’s name on it. I chose to decorate the bags with cute stickers.

Second, put the candy in the bags. I had about four bags of candy that I purchased and just evenly spread it out in each bag.

Third, use the construction paper to make little cards with sweet Valentine’s Day messages. If you’re feeling really crafty, cut the cards into little hearts. Once finished, just drop it in the bag.

*These next two steps are optional*

Add a toy in each bag and then top it off with the decorative shred.

Now you’re ready to pass this out to your little tot(s)! It’s super simple and very cheap. My daughter and her group of friends really enjoyed their bags. This is perfect for your child’s class Valentine’s Day parties or just a sweet little gift to make your little one(s) feel special! Happy Valentine’s Day!





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